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Our Approach to Wellness

West Hills Wellness, LLC is unique in that we take a radically innovative approach to health and wellness. By combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with today's technology and orthomolecular medicine we work with our patients to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We use a natural approach with natural materials to harmonize the body.

We believe it is not possible to selectively heal the body. The idea of healing one illness first and then another later is an approach which does not work well. We also understand each person is unique and requires individual treatment regiments. Our strategy is to not only to address the reason which brought you to us but, to treat the underlining cause of the issue and treat the body as a whole.

Our team at West Hills Wellness, LLC. specializes in very distinct areas. Of course our approach to wellness can be applied to an array of illnesses however; we have chosen to focus all of our resources and attention on our particular field of specialty.

All of our team members, regardless of individual specialty, are dedicated to educating and working with our patients in formulating tailor designed treatment plans for their needs. The treatment methods used can be any one or a combination of: acupuncture, manual therapies, Chinese herbal medicine, and nutritional supplements.

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